Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Plans Rearranged

I had planned on posting several previews of the upcoming True/False festival this weekend as well as some record reviews and probably some other worthless information, but that will have to wait.
R's grandmother died Monday morning and so to Detroit we will travel. Helen lived a long, fruitful life. It was one of those deaths you kind of expect and are generally at peace with by the time it happens, but it's still a death in the family, nonetheless.

So, my witty assessments of films, in-depth interpretations of all things indie rock, and laments about my ever-advancing age will have to wait a few days. In the meantime, here is a quick rundown of what I expected to blog.

This kid was screwed over by the T/F folks, as were these people.

Vampire Weekend has recorded a really great album. Animal Collective also recorded a great album, but I'm not going to dance to it any time soon. The anticipation for Stephen Malkmus' latest release is growing, despite the availability of a free stream of Real Emotional Trash.

We'll most likely miss the first two days of the film festival (which amounts to 8 docs), but hopefully we'll catch all of Sunday's list which includes Please Vote for Me and I Think We're Alone Now.

That is all.

Update: Our flight may have us back in town for some films on Saturday evening. Half a festival is better than no festival. Plus, we're going to see a screening of Mardis Gras: Made in China tonight on campus (the same filmmakers I said were screwed over). Also, I'm obsessed with the Vampire Weekend. Well, off to Detroit...


Pizza Cottontail said...

I'm sorry your relative died.

Have a safe trip to Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Wanted first of all to wish a safe trip to Detroit.

I am in Dr. Strickland's class and wanted to say thanks for the insights into blogging.

P.S. I try to get into Animal Collective, as everyone seems to rave about them, but I honestly wasn't drawn in to Strawberry Jam. I should probably listen to it more, and I feel like if I told anyone this, I'd be exiled from the Indie-sphere.

Oh, and this is my blog outside of class.

comoprozac said...

Thanks, Pizza. We will try.

Jake, thanks as well. I really enjoyed visiting your class actually. Another class (in Ohio) had to put up with me today. I'll be sure to check in with your blog. (I see that you took my advice.)

I too have worried about not jumping on the AC bandwagon, but this record is difficult. It's growing on me, but as I eluded to in my post, it doesn't exactly make me want to shake my money-maker...not like Vampire Weekend.

Pizza Cottontail said...

I agree about AC. Feels really did it for me, but the new one...I dunno. Maybe I'm getting old.

Is Panda Bear any good? I know Pitchfork liked it, but they also liked Strawberry Jam, so I'm confused.

comoprozac said...

I know as much as you do concerning Panda Bear. We are old...wait. I'm old.

I dunno. I just pre-ordered like four albums on top of the one I'm already waiting for. So, there will be no PB in my future.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people say Person Pitch by Panda Bear is better than Strawberry Jam, but i thought the album was so incredibly alienating.