Thursday, January 03, 2008

True or False?

With the announcement of passes available for True/False next week, I thought I'd give my own guide to COMO's only documentary film festival in the form of a true/false quiz...that I answered simply b/c it's my blog.

The pricing for True/False festival passes sucks!

True. Last year's basic pass was slightly more expensive, but it did allow the pass-holder entrance to Reality Bites. RB is the event on Friday where lots of free food and beer is passed out right before one of the featured screenings of the festival. I believe it led into Manda Balla, one of the festival's greatest highlights. The only way I see this not ruining my first night of the festival is if RB is not tied to a premier screening.

This could also be "False" if one just looks at the price alone. We'll save some money and still get into all the films we like come February 28th. I see it as a draw, but I'm not happy about limitations on the Poor-People's-Pass (AKA Tiple P).

Despite my own issues with the new passes, I'm still pumped about True/False.
True. I don't even know what films will be shown, and I'm very excited about the festival. It's the most fun we've had since coming to COMO. I doubt I'll be let down this year. All I want to know now is what films will be shown.

Just volunteer. You'll see plenty of films.
False. While this opinion is not very popular or in-line with the spirit of the festival, I maintain that it is false. I volunteered the first year we lived here and only saw films for which I purchased tickets. After you put in a bunch of time keeping the events moving along, you are either too tired or out of time to see the films of your choosing. Besides, if the film is overbooked, volunteers are the first to be booted. Although it may be yuppie, I support the festival with my dollars, and I think that's OK.

One must attend the festival with a strategy.
True. Right now we're debating which strategy will be best. I'm leaning toward the "one venue" strategy where one chooses films based on the venue in order to insure prime seating without having to run around town. Someone shared the "Netflix" strategy where one checks to see which films will be available on Netflix and skips those in order to see more obscure fare.

Don't bother with the True Vision Award screening at the Blue Note.
False. Apparently last year's featured filmmaker, Brett Morgen, gave a sneak-peak at his highly anticipated film, Chicago 10. Whomever T/F is honoring this year will surely screen his or her latest work. I missed this event last year but I won't be so foolish this year.

There will be ample opportunity to grab food and drink while high-tailing it to Stephens College for screenings.
False. I don't know if the rumors of screenings on Stephens and MU campuses are true, but I do know that there will be some long commutes between films with the Missouri Theater being closed this year.

You should attend the True/False Documentary Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri from February 28th to March 2nd.
True. If ever there was a reason to visit and/or return to COMO, it's this here film festival. I have stated many times in this blog that it is the best part of living here and I maintain that opinion.

Passes for the 2008 True/False Documentary Film Festival are available here on Monday, January 7th at 9:00 AM. See you at the end of February.

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