Friday, December 07, 2007

Strange Things You Learn About Your Sister

Kate, my sister, will probably kill me for this, but...

I remember the spring of 1998 when my sister graduated from high school. It was a typical graduation, really. There was all the normal pomp and c
ircumstance one would expect from a small-town graduation celebration.

There was the ceremony held at the high school gym. This was where one of Kate's oldest friends was awarded class valedictorian, an opportunity she utilized to proclaim her love for her best friend, Jesus, not my sister.

The time after the graduation was spent welcoming friends and family to the house for gift-giving, well-wishes, and a little eating. The was relatively uneventful for me, but it was supposed to be that way. This was my sister's day.

At one point, Kate got to visit with some friends. Somewh
ere in the hysteria of their last days in West Liberty, Kate was presented a bra similar to the one pictured below...Yes. My sister and her friends took off their shirts and bras to streak across the football field in wee hours of the night. Unbeknown to them, the local po-po were there, watching them.

There trespassers were promptly taken into the police station and their parents were notified. The girls were devastated. With this mark on their records, they'd be doomed to lives of crime and poverty...well, almost.

Anyway, most of the girls turned out OK, including my sister. She's now working for a law firm (ironic?) and is currently contemplating a second "run" across Ohio Stadium in front of 105,000 people. Good luck, Kate.

Also, happy Early birthday.


kate said...

oh no, i'm saving it for the bcs game in january. and this time, everything comes off.

comoprozac said...


Wait. Is that weird?

kate said...

no, what is weird, however, is that everyone who reads your blog thinks that zac's sister is a raging alcoholic who likes annoy rockstars and take her clothes off. thanks for that...

comoprozac said...

No problem.