Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kate's List

As my list of the year's best albums nears its end and as you all anticipate my other year-end lists, I wanted to share my sister's list. Enjoy.

i must, must make a year-end list. i can't continue with my life if i don't make a year-end list. mockers be damned, i am making a list.

5 best albums of the year

1) feist-the reminder
the 1 and 2 spots were really tough for me but in the end i had to go with feist because i had been listening to it since june and i took the time to actually figure out the piano part on "my moon my man". granted the ipod/lifetime song has gotten annoying but it's still a good song. if i can be embarrassing, i'd say that this album is my generation's Exile in Guyville, only nicer and less f-bombs. feist is the nice canadian girl who doesn't have to skank it up to get your attention. plus she's in broken social scene, which automatically makes her my best pretend friend.
best song: the park
best line: he's the dirtiest clean i know.

2) bonnie "prince" billy-ask forgiveness
i just got this a week ago and the only reason it's not 1 is because 1) i just got it, 2) it's an ep so it doesn't seem right to put it first when everything else is a full-length and 3) it's covers...but damn good covers. i got it a few days before my birthday. it's amazing, old will knows my pain. best song: it's a tie. sometimes i like "i came to hear the music" but i think i probably like "cycles" the best.
best line: you know it's almost funny/but things can't get worse than now/so i'll keep on trying to sing/but please, just don't ask me how

3) arcade fire-neon bible
maybe this should be 1 but i've kind of gotten over the excitement of it. i still love it though, and i still don't wanna work in a building downtown. this was probably the best live show i saw all year and i wasn't even drunk! that says something...lot's of dancing and hooting and hollering. there also fun songs to drive too. "no cars go" makes me think of going towards the a good way.
best song: no cars go
best line: see 2nd sentence

4)sunset rubdown-random spirit lover
i also just got this one but it's slowly been growing on me...just like their last release. i wish i could say more but i think i have a canadian theme going on here. for some reason, they remind me of queen. it's their arrangements or something very operatic, perhaps...or am i just trying to sound smart?
best song: the mending of the gown (criminitly, that guitar!)
best line: spencer krug's emoting, in general...he just doesn't seem to hold back.

5) i'm not there (movie & cd)-ok, so i'll admit it, i didn't get a whole lot of new music this year unless i could get it from the library or a friend. and since the library is somewhat limited in what they order and i only have two friends, i didn't really hear a lot from 2007. i got a lot from the 60's because i needed to...anyway, i'm getting off course. i went to the fancy bob dylan movie...kind of got parts of and really liked the soundtrack from seeing. when i finally got it at the library, i was somewhat disappointed in the just wasn't as good without the movie, i suppose. first the gripes: eddie vedder & antony and the johnsons. two people i never want to hear again. antony, you giant, please lose your voice. i don't care how much lou reed likes you, he's wrong. on the upside, however, i think the ladies outshine the men on this one, which is ironic since i'll pegged dylan for a bit of a mysogynist...or maybe it's not so ironic, really. oh, yeah, and what about that mason jennings?
best song: the cat power one, stuck in mobile with the memphis blues again, maybe? seriously, i'm so tired of the cat power haters. so what if she gave up the bottle and became friends with karl largerfeld? i like happy cat power just as much as sad-sack cat power.
best line: really? i'm not answering this. but desolation row is my favorite dylan song, surprise, surprise.

6) charlott gainsbourg-5:55
ok, i'm cheating, i was going to stop at 5 but then i remembered that this came out in 2007. anyway, quickly, very very good...i like her voice but she didn't write any ove the songs.
best song: operation
best line: our love goes under the knife...i only picked this line because for a long time i thought she was saying "olive goes under the knife" and i always pictured olive oil from popeye sitting on an operation table freaking out because someone was about to cut her open.


Zach said...

I've never had the occasion to whip this one out, but you're getting at something - listen to Bat Out of Hell and then listen to Random Spirit Lover. I totally know what you're saying about the operatic arrangements. It's not a Dark Side of the Moon/The Wizard of Oz kind of thing, but the similarities are still pretty amusing.

comoprozac said...

Dude, you never comment on my blog until my sister guest-posts. What's up with that?

She's probably right about most of her picks though. I get the SR/Queen comparison, but the Charlott Gainsbourg LP? I hate it when actors try to sing (Juliette Lewis, I'm looking your way.) and singers try to act (Will Oldham!).