Saturday, December 01, 2007

#29 of 2007: Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

Thirty-One Words: I didn't need to buy this one. The Volkswagen ads did enough of saying all that needed to be said: Great band writes music that inspires us to buy...more cars.

The one song that makes it worth $17.95: "What Light"

Pitchfork Says: 5.2


Pizza Cottontail said...

My beef with the album:

The one song from the recording sessions where it doesn't sound like Wilco's aiming for the Dullest Common Denominator is "The Thanks I Get." (Jeff T. wrote it for one of those "Solomon Burke sings white people's songs" albums, but it was rejected. It's still a catchy ditty.)

That song's only available on VW ads or limited-edition European editions of the album.

comoprozac said...

It's a good beef...That came out wrong.