Friday, December 07, 2007

#23 of 2007: Various Artists - I'm Not There

Thirty-One Words: This album proves once again that Dylan songs performed by other artists are either A) much better in the capable hands of more talented performers or B) really cheesy alt-country flourishes.

The one song that makes it worth $17.95:
"Goin' to Acapulco" (performed by Jim James and Calexico)

Pitchfork Says: 8.0


Pizza Cottontail said...

Cat Power's song on the album is my one of my faves of the year. I also like the Yo La Tengo track.

I agree with you about the albums' tendencies toward drab alt-countriness; I was more bugged by the sittin' round the campfire vibe of tracks by Eddie Vedder and Mason Jennings.

The funniest part about the album was the insert that came with it. Did you get that? Mine came with a little flyer that pronounced in billion point font: "Dylan: No Compromises." When you flipped it over, there was an ad for Bob Dylan ringtones. Ha ha ha.

comoprozac said...

I did get the insert and very nearly chose the Yo La Tengo track. I actually like the Mason Jennings stuff, but Vedder's voice gets on my nerves.