Friday, October 26, 2007

Nothing to Blog About

What does one do when there is nothing to blog about? I've put out two posts in as many weeks partly because I'm busy but mostly because I have nothing to say. Should I blog anyway, just to keep my readers engaged?

I started this thing as a way to get my thoughts out there, a way to record my time in Misery, but it's turned into something more. Now there's this whole networking piece that I never intended. On top of that are the regular readers that I somehow feel obligated to post my daily thoughts on Misery and music.

How does this happen? How does something that is so personal and self-reflective become a responsibility? I know that no one out there depends upon me posting every day to live, but I do feel like people regularly check out their RSS feeds to see what's new in Misery.

Then, there's this feeling of giving people what they want. No one has commented on my last two posts. Apparently no one wants to read about me hanging out with filmmakers and picking presidential candidates. I've got to pick some pop culture phenomenon to critique or give my thoughts on the new Devendra Banhart record (sort of weird, sort of disappointing) to keep my readers happy. But why? Why should I write this for my readers? I'm not selling my space for ads, so what does it matter what the readers think?

I don't know where I'm going with this. Perhaps I'm blogging just for the sake of blogging. Who knows?

What I do know is that I like to read people's comments. I like the feedback. Also, I like to read what others are blogging. My Google Reader has been backed up do to my busy schedule, but I always make time to read nearly every post. (Brooklyn Vegan posts way too much.)

So, I'll probably get back to some normal blogging. You can expect that I will comment on COMO-ians obsession with holidays, the Buckeyes' run at another national championship (although it may come to an end this weekend), and upcoming show reviews (The Thermals and Modest Mouse). Sorry for the digression.


Anonymous said...

The last show I ever saw . . . was . . . let me think here.

Damn. It would have been in Austin. It might have been a very small Yo La Tengo show, which was half playing and half talking (on purpose).

Or, let's see, it might have been some rockabilly show. Do you know what a "Hoot Night" is? I went to a Johnny Cash Hoot Night at Antone's.

KR said...

Dude, I'm really sorry. One of my biggest flaws as a player in the networking thing is actual, concrete feedback. I don't know if what I have to comment on even matters, so end up not saying anything. Anyway, I always read. Always, always. And I enjoy your posts. Always, always.

Hey. Remember Little Caesar's pizza? Pizza, pizza.

comoprozac said...

Jenny? Are you "anonymous"? (Anonymous Prime perhaps?)

KR, no worries. I was just having my own pity party over writer's block.

comoprozac said...

Oh, I do remember Little Caesar's. We have one in COMO's not as good as I remember.

Sven said...

My problem has been that feeds aren't working well out here. I'm having to manually go to each site to see what's going on. It's soooooo hard! And sooooo lame!

Raymond Cummings said...

see, i totally envy you, dude. i say this because i have the opposite problem, i.e. tons to blog about but, like, zero time.

"tiiiiiiime, is on my side, yes it is..."

ks said...

at least you blog, my friend. i always find reasons NOT to sit down and write the stuff in my head, even though it would be a great release to do so.

in response to the presidential candidate #1 candidate as Chris Dodd. Weird. And Devendra Banhart is ALWAYS weird and uneven...that's his thing. Lovable at times, disappointing at others.

And the holiday obsession is just middle-America in general...not a geographic thing, but a psychographic one. Diversionary-tactic, i believe. We want to live in a "holiday mood" to escape from what's really going on. Today I'm wearing a sequined sweatshirt in celebration of the Election Day holiday. Cheers!!