Friday, September 07, 2007


So, I'm worried that all this blogging is going to get me in trouble. I mean people lose their jobs over this stuff. Now, I've got the Missourian (whose website seems to be down)printing my stuff without warning. I mean, they did warn me months ago and asked for permission and a small part of my ego kind of liked the idea of being printed and becoming a rock star of a small, college town. I'm kind of worried that they'll publish my last post about meeting some fellow bloggers for a night on the town. Oh well. I'll just keep blogging away. Hopefully I'll get inspired soon to put something worthwhile on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Again, another young kid making a mistake verging on plagarism. I don't think you'll get in trouble, I think that you could get someone else in trouble for writing a poorly attributed article.

I'm not convinced I should have ever had problems with what I said, but hey, C'est la vie, C'est la guerre.

Because if I can't laugh, I'll die.