Sunday, July 15, 2007

As Promised...The Devil on a Sunday!

Here's the final track listing for my mix tape/CD entry for Good Magazine. Notice that the cassette tape format provides more space for extra songs. All I can say is thank God for iTunes!:

The Devil Made Me Do It…Dance That Is
Side A

1. Run Devil Run (Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins) - Soft, soothing old-county harmonies urging the devil to take off.
2. Satan Gave M
e A Taco (Beck) - A lost indie classic that still makes me giggle and rock out with equal ferocity.
3. (Antichrist Television Blues) (The Arcade Fire) - N
ot so much about the Devil, but the imagery of not wanting a job downtown with planes crashing into buildings is eerie.
4. Satan Said Dance (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) - Dance song of the year!
5. Let The Devil In (TV On The Radio) - Eighties drum machines mixed with a tribal drum beat and choral hollering makes the head bob. And that bass groove is just plain evil.
6. Devil Town (Bright Eyes) - I prefer this version to Daniel Johnston's original. DJ is like the
unappreciated Bob Dylan of indie.
7. Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones) - Cah, cah! Oo, oo! Classic.
8. Devil's Train (Crooked Fingers) - Pretty guitar licks open as Eric Bachman's menacing voice soothes.

9. Satan Is My Master (Ben Folds Five) - Hilarious outtake from a live show.
10. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (The
Charlie Daniels Band) - I remember this song made me think that country music was alright. There's a plot pitting good vs. evil in a fiddle duel for the ages. What more could you ask for?
11. Bus to Beelzebug (Soul Coughing)* - Takes me back to my college days. Apparently Beelzebug/Beelzebub is Satan in mosquito-form. He flies through your window at 3 in the morning to keep you awake and to make your life a living Hell...or at least an awake one.

Side B
12. Devil's Haircut (Beck) - Radio hit from Beck's best album (unless you prefer Sea Change or One Foot in the Grave)
13. Devil In The Details (Bright Eyes) - A Bright Eyes' filler that reminds me of a lot of the stuff the Flaming Lips are doing at the present.
14. White Devil's Dream (Quasi) - I looked and looked for some hip-hop in my collection that had
a white devil reference in the title, but I was unsuccessful. Thank God for Portland liberals.
15. Tribute (Tenacious D) - If the song they actually played
for the devil is half as good as this tribute, it would be....half as good.
16. Monkey Gone To Heaven (Pixies) - Rarely do you hear a singer scream that "the devil is 6" tree straight times that is not featured at Ozzfest. (Actually, I think Black Francis screams it five times, but who's counting?)

17. A Fable With No Moral (Quasi) - The second Quasi track is one of my all-time favorites. He sells his soul to pay the rent? Why didn't he just go to one of those check-cashing places?
18. In The Devil's Territory (Sufjan Stevens) - A reference to the devil from the most Christian of the group.
19. Devil's New (Sparklehorse) - Filler.
20. Hell Is Chrome (Wilco) - Old-timey and raggedy, this Wilco track takes the band to their most Beatle-esque.
21. Lucifer (Jay-Z)* - Head bobbing
galore! Makes me feel so gangsta'!

*cassette version only

Notice that there are two extra tracks on the cassette. This goes to show that the cassette tape is the superior format in the mix tape world.

I encourage anyone to post some mix tape ideas on my blog or at Good magazine. There are several other organizations/services out there for the mix tape-incline. I just haven't tried any of them yet. Although, today I did find Mixtape Collective this morning thanks to a successful Google search.

Whatever. Stay out of the stifling, Al Gore-predicted-global-warming heat and make a mix today. Let me know what you came up with


KR said...

That's a GREAT collection of songs! Couldn't be better arranged if I tried. I'm hoping sometime, to start putting up the "mixed tape" line-ups I have on my site, too. :)

comoprozac said...

I'll be sure to check your blog for the track lists.