Monday, June 11, 2007

Paris = Mumia(?)

I don't like to comment on celebrities who are famous because they are...well..celebrities and have no real talents worth mentioning, but I want to address the Paris Hilton thing anyway.

Some editor from People on the Today Show (two pillars of journalistic integrity, joined together to fight ignorance and low pop culture IQ's throughout our great country) thought that maybe Paris Hilton's emotional and mental struggles in her prison cell would bring to light the ways in which our criminal justice system handles (or mishandles) mental illness. Then, by calling such attention to the failings of the American prison system, some change would occur.

Hold on. We're not talking Mumia. We're not talking Shakur. We're not talking Tookie Williams. We're not even talking Martha Stewart. We're talking about Paris freakin' Hilton.

Not only is Hilton talentless, she's rich, spoiled, narcissistic, and somewhat anorexic. She in no way represents the majority of people in prison. She's not black, a young male, or poor. What happens to Paris Hilton in jail will have no effect on the prison system.

Paris Hilton going to jail will bring about as much social change as Bono wearing a red Gap t-shirt (made in a sweatshop no doubt) for all of Africa (as if it were one big country with one identity).

The only way that Hilton will have any effect on prison reform will be if she puts here inheritance up for the cause (or at least the money garnered from her porn work). Will that ever happen? Unlikely.

Paris Hilton is just another spoiled, rich, whitey (reclaiming here) who doesn't believe the rules apply to her. This will soon be another answer to another question on some stupid trivia game in the near future.

I say "Free Paris" not because I think she got a bum rap, but because I'm tired of hearing about her skank ass (again, reclaiming)! Get off of my TV and, more importantly, get off of my People magazine!

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