Wednesday, May 23, 2007

RIP: Brainiac

Ten years ago today, Brainiac front man, Tim Taylor died in a car accident in downtown Dayton. My brother and I referred to it as "Sayton" in those days, primarily because of Brainiac. They were one of the five best live acts I've ever seen. They assaulted you with their ferocious guitar licks and Moog wails while forcing you to dance at gunpoint. My brother once carried around glass from Taylor's wreck in his wallet.

I remember seeing them in Sayton the night Tupac Shakur died. Taylor made a sarcastic mention of the fallen rap star and the proceeded to melt my eardrums. They knew how to rock and make you dance like no other. I read somewhere that if they had been from Brooklyn in 2002, no would remember the Strokes.

Alas, it was never meant to be. Timmy Taylor died ten years ago today.

You can check out a few Brainiac tracks here.

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