Monday, February 12, 2007

True/False is coming!

Today, the True/False film festival made reservations available for pass holders. R and I have "Full" passes which are really just red and allow you to go to all the films on the weekend. What makes them full? I'm really not sure. It's sort of like ordering a "grande" coffee at Starbuck's only to receive the small. Whatever.

Actually, the strange part was that right after I signed myself up for eleven or so films, I tried to sign R up for the same eleven, but one was closed already. Apparently Nimrod Nation is a popular film. T/F describes it like this..."Off the map in the far-off Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a small town lives and dies with its basketball team, the Nimrods." Sounds like the hit of the festival to me.

I'm mostly looking forward to the Kurt Cobain doc since I have a thing for rockumentaries. However, Off the Grid looks interesting. It's about this group of outcasts, particularly Persian Gulf vets, who live by their own rules in the desert. In the Shadow of the Moon, the festival's opening night flick chronicles the experiences of the only men to walk on the moon. Welcome to Europa, Manufactured Landscapes, and Manda Bala will provide us with our globalism fix. Besides the Cobain bio, The Third Monday in October and American Shopper look to provide some humor to the weekend.

Stay tuned. I plan to review the list of films described above and any other festival observations.

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