Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Miserable V-day

The snow has been cleared...well, most of it, and we're back to the daily grind. On top of it all, today is Valentine's Day. R and I don't do V-day since our b-days are the 9th and 11th. However, that doesn't seem to stop anyone else. This is the day to show fake love for your real love buying crap.

It doesn't end there. Yesterday, a student of mine called to ask when we would have our class Valentine's party. I replied, "Tomorrow (today). Valentine's Day." The student wanted to know how many chocolate-covered strawberries to make. I told him that I preferred dark chocolate.

My mom informed me that she needed to go buy a card for my dad. She's doing this mostly because he's not. Apparently, Dad gets mad every year when Mom gives him a V-day card, mainly because he didn't get her one. This may sound dysfunctional, but my folks have been married for 33 or so years. So, I guess they know something the rest of don't.

Either way, people will buy useless crap for each other today just to express their love...for capitalism. Chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, lingerie, flavored condoms, etc. will fill people's Target shopping bags today as people try to buy their partner's love. It's a funny holiday. It's so important to so many people, but we don't get the day off. I'll save my celebration for Presidents Day when I will get a day off. Presidents that's a day worth celebrating capitalism.

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