Thursday, July 09, 2009

Four Years Ago Today

I threw out my morals and ethics and married the person pictured here. You know her as R, but I know her as my kind, wildly smart, sexy, sharp-as-a-tack, caring, funny, hollow-legged, driven, creative, and loving partner for life. I love this womyn so much that I followed her to this place with the hopes of waking up to her every morning and possibly raising a family together.

To some, the wedding anniversary is the most important date in a couple's relationship. I place it third behind the birth of our daughter and the night we met f2f at Larry's (after meeting online). Still, I'll always remember July 9, 2005 as a celebration of our commitment and a fond farewell to our friends and family in Columbus, OH.

Four years ago, we both wrapped up degrees, closed on our first house, painted every wall, married, and moved over 500 miles within a three or four-week period. Despite my complaints on this blog about that move, I'd do it all again just to be with this person.

I believe the first anniversary is paper and the second is cotton, followed by leather. The fourth is a blog post in your partner's honor. So, here's to R: the love of my life and mother of my child. I love you.

Oh, and a video...

4 Year Anniversary from comoprozac on Vimeo.